Tech talk

Lattice Bracing
After getting many inquires from players asking about lattice bracing, I decided to post this page on the subject. I realized that many players are not up to date on the recent developments in this area. Here goes....   >> more

Double Top Construction 
A few years ago I started building Double Top guitars, in addition to the solid top top traditional and lattice braced guitars that I’ve become known for. My double tops consist of...  >> more

French Polish
French Polish is a shellac based finish applied by hand with a special pad. When it was first used (probably in the 1700s) various natural resins were added to the shellac to alter... >> more

About Classical Guitar bracing styles—this is good article to read for an overview of some of the recent developments... >> more

The increasing demands of players,
coupled with the availability of new materials and technologies,
have in many ways modernized the classical guitar,
and pushed its evolution in new directions.